Bliss Yoga and Wellness Center


Oct 2 - 100 Moon Salutations on the Downtown Square!! (6p)

Oct 9 - BLC Board Meeting (noon @ Blue Highway)

Oct 20 - Reiki Share (715p)

Interested in being a Yoga Instructor?

Yoga, Meditation, Spiritual Study, Balanced Living....

Yoga is a spiritual practice that unites mind, body and spirit.  It is so much more than exercise. It is a life practice that is accessible to all and every stage of life.  The physical practice is meant to facilitate this union through reconnecting us with our own unique experience using our bodies as a guide.  Physical practice will enhance your awareness, calm your mind, elate your spirit, and nurture a sense of wholeness.  

At Bliss Yoga Center, everyone is welcome as they are.  We will guide you through an experience meant to deepen your connection with your body, your spirit, and your Bliss. 

We are a non-profit, donation-based center.  That means that we do not have a set fee schedule for classes.  All of our regular classes are held in this manner.  Our monthly newsletter reports last month's cost per person per class to run the studio (rent, utilities, teacher pay...).  As your donations come in, that cost is reduced and we are better able to sustain our teachers at the level they deserve.  We know how important spiritual wellness is, and we know that you will show us how important it is to you in the best way you can.